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The Camera Obscura Festival 2021

Dear friends and colleagues, there is wonderful news! There is now a phased plan from the government to ease the general situation. Assuming a local incidence of less than 100, the very first Camera Obscura Festival will take place from July 2nd to 4th in Veringenstadt!

What will be offered? We have a beautiful area with a wonderful view of the Swabian Alb completely reserved for us for three days. On the spacious lawn there will be ready-made 3m x 6m pavilions waiting for you. Each participant will be able to use a 3mx3m half of such a pavilion and can set up his photo studio, presentation area etc. there from Friday to Sunday.

Furthermore, there will be a large marquee, which can be used by all for eating and meeting, and also a building with sanitary facilities and a restaurant with warm kitchen. In this there is also a small meeting room, where one or the other lecture/presentation will be held.

What is the goal of all this? We want to create a place where there is the possibility for a creative exchange, be it technical knowledge, artistic ideas, chemical processes or just personal experiences.

What connects us? The common love for old (almost forgotten) photographic processes, antique cameras, the ambition to put 'more' work into a picture than just pressing the shutter button or maybe just the preference for 'real' moments in life. So sign up and be a part of it!

Each active participant:

receives a pavilion space, which he can use for himself
can work photographically on the premises, among other things there will be the possibility to photograph at one or two locations nearby, which are scenically very exciting
can test/rent lenses for free at the Wetplatedreams booth (more about that soon)
once a day there will be a small refreshment in the form of coffee & cake
a cozy barbecue on Saturday evening (included in the price)

To cover the costs for tents, space and everything else, we will charge a participation fee of 200 Euro per participant.

For accompanying persons there will be a flat fee of 50 EUR. Accompanying persons (like your own partner and family) do not actively participate in the event. Children are free.

Day guests pay 30 EUR per person.

Please note that our concept can only be realized if there are enough full paying participants.

Children, pupils and students have free entrance (as day guests).

At the moment, there are still enough overnight accommodations, scattered in guesthouses or vacation apartments. But it is best to make a reservation as soon as possible. If you don't find anything, just look in a neighboring village, or write to Stefan Schubert, he may be able to help you. If you want to come with a caravan: there is a caravan site with three parking spaces nearby. If you want to camp in a tent, there is either a camping site in the neighboring village or you can pitch your tent on the meadow (we still have to clarify the sanitary facilities).

For food (except for Saturday evening and the coffee & cake snack) everyone is responsible. You can get something from the supermarket or order something from the very good restaurant directly on the site, this will offer warm cuisine (home-style to Mediterranean) at moderate prices.

Registration is possible until the beginning of June!!!


For the exchange among each other and short term information we have created a Facebook group:

There are two ways of payment: 1. Paypal friends & family (preferred) or a normal bank transfer. You will get the details as a reply to your registration. In case the festival cannot take place due to the current Corona regulations, the already paid money will be refunded. We will then automatically target the second date option in September: September 17-19, 2021.


The town of Veringenstadt is very attractively situated in the "Valley of the Lauchert" in the Swabian Alb. Veringenstadt is situated between the state capital Stuttgart (80 km) and Lake Constance (60 km), the "Blue Ribbon of the Swabian Alb", directly on the Hohenzollern Road. Since the Middle Ages, customs and traditions and thus the  character of the villages have been preserved. The town is situated 650 -680 m above sea level and has about 2300 inhabitants. Our historical town is very worth seeing, also there are many sights, hiking and biking trails as well as cultural accents in the vicinity of Veringenstadt.