The lecturer

Christian Klant is a specialist for handmade, analogue photography. Using the collodion wet plate technique, he photographs wet plates for free projects and commissioned work in formats up to 40x50cm (16x20"). With a well-rehearsed team, Klant realizes elaborate productions and creates visual worlds that seem to be out of time and at the same time show a modern twist.
In workshops and as a lecturer he regularly teaches beginners and advanced students in handmade, analogue photography. In addition to the collodion wet plate process, he works with various historical printing techniques such as platinum/palladium, carbon, salt and albumin printing.
Christian Klant is a professional member of the BFF, founder of the 'BFF Art Lab' and published his first book "100 Wet Plates - 100 Words" in 2014. Klant is exhibited internationally and opened his first museum solo exhibition in 2018.

OFFER No1: Online support (95,-€/h incl. VAT)

Troubleshooting - Solutions for problems with the wet plate collodion process.
Often small details that make a good picture a very good one. A sensitive process like the collodion wet plate process requires not only high quality chemicals as sold in this shop, but also feeling and experience for each step of the process.
Many questions that arise when taking your own pictures can be answered in a video tutorial. Valuable tips and tricks can be imparted here that can take you that decisive step further.

Topics for a video tutorial:
  • Maintenance and care of the silver bath
  • Adaptation of the developer for warm weather
  • Troubleshooting: Interpretation of existing wet panels
  • Construction and optimization of the own darkroom
  • Equipment consulting
  • Handling flash and continuous light
  • Outdoor and mobile darkroom photography
  • et al.


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OFFER No2: Private tutorial (890,-/day incl. VAT)

A private workshop with Christian Klant is the perfect starting point to the magic of wet plate photography. It is aimed at all beginners and advanced students who are interested in the photographic process developed in 1851.
The scope and contents are based on personal needs and can be individually agreed with the lecturer.

A two-day workshop is recommended for beginners. The history and theory are discussed and the practice is experienced. The course provides everything you need to start your own work with the wet plate collodion process.
Every participant has the opportunity to coat, expose and develop his own wet plates. The finished pictures can be taken home afterwards.

Content for beginners:
  • Introduction to the world of "Wet Plates
  • Required chemicals and accessories
  • Handling the large format camera
  • Work in the darkroom
  • Special features of the collodion wet-plate process
  • Useful tips and tricks
  • Outlook on the possibilities of the advanced procedure

For advanced students an individual schedule will be arranged. Existing results are discussed and recommendations are derived from them. The workshop can also be held at your own location and will include tips to optimize your darkroom environment.

Contents for advanced learners:
  • Troubleshooting - Solutions for problems with Wet Plates
  • Interpretation of existing wet panels
  • Construction and optimization of the own darkroom
  • Equipment consulting
  • Scan-Worlflow - Digitization of Wet Plates
  • Shooting with mobile darkroom 'on location
  • Use of flash and daylight
  • Optimal control of exposure and development
  • Tips and tricks for advanced users
  • Ultra large format: photographing of 40x50cm wet plates
  • Creation of glass plate negatives
  • Introduction to alternative printing processes: salt printing, album printing, cyanotypes, etc.

Daily rate: 890,- incl. VAT
Participants: 1-2, groups on request

The day rate includes all required materials up to the format 8x10". For larger formats, the costs will be charged according to the individual demand.

Location: Berlin or, by arrangement, at your own location


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"Conclusion: Intense, valuable and inspiring."

Andreas Mros 

"The very structured guidance and accompaniment in learning how to do collodion wet plate photography has brought us beginners to really good results that we are enthusiastic about. Thank you!"

Karen Bartsch

"After the workshop, I will be able to make perfect wet plates tomorrow."

Gisbert Schmitz

"Dear Christian, thank you very much for the great workshop in a pleasant atmosphere and with perfect results."

Heinrich Jan K.

"After studying dozens of books and articles and absorbing what felt like 1000 YouTube videos, the collodion wet plate process seemed to me to be a magical metaphysics with a million ways to either kill yourself or fail miserably. Christian Klant opened my eyes in his workshop without haste and with his structured approach to a wonderful photographic craft, which, with the limitation to working recipes and manual work, led to impressive results already on the first day. I can only recommend to everyone to take the first steps in this fascinating process under expert guidance. Christian Klant is the man to guide you safely through the jungle."

Gilbert Mayer

"Many thanks for the wonderful workshop weekend. It's great that you shared all your knowledge and experiences so openly with us. It was very inspiring and made me want to do more. I'd like to get back in on a possible part two."

Anja Müller

„Even though I've been a professional photographer for years now, it's amazing how this old technique got me hooked - this is a totally different approach to portrait photography.

Christian's beginner workshop is the best start to wet plate photography I can imagine. I'm really happy I took part, otherwise I'd still just dream about this kind of photography but I would probably get lost in all the abundance of different recipes, tools and gear you find in books or online. Christian gave us a perfect starting point, lots of useful tips and tricks and a huge amount of motivation. The atmosphere was relaxed and yet concentrated on the topic. A great weekend!“

Jenö Gellinek

„Christian Klant's workshop equipped me with the basic skills and knowledge I need to begin wet-plate photography on my own. I can't imagine a better introductory course: it is practical and enabling, without watering down the complexity of wet-plate photography. Christian is an excellent teacher of both the theory and practice of wet-plate photography, from sourcing all the chemicals and equipment to varnishing the finished product.“

Petrus Maree

„Christian is a master wet plate photographer. Through his workshop he imparts his knowledge openly and with consideration for the learner. An excellent tutor, Christian's workshop has allowed me to take my photography to the next level, secure in the knowledge that my technique is correct and will give me good repeatable results. Two days is a short time, but the learning imparted by Christian has clearded up a lot of confusion for me and has already proven to be most valuable. 

The chance to meet with other likeminded photographers and share ideas was also extremely beneficial ...and working together, a lot of fun.

Christian, Thank you.“

Peter O’Donnell